Dansk Biomekanisk Selskab

Danish Biomechanics Post-Doc

Skrevet af TA - 2018-03-08

The University of Denver (DU) seeks Danish post-docs to contribute in our successful Center for Orthopaedic Biomechanics. Funding is available from the Alfred Benzon Post-Doctoral Fellowship (opens April 1, 2018 and closes May 1, 2018; www.benzon-foundation.dk/?page_id=15), for eligible Danish post-docs who wish to conduct medical research abroad, with a three-year commitment preference.


The Center for Orthopaedic Biomechanics currently conducts federal and extensive industry research for the major orthopedic manufacturers. Overall research areas of interest for applicants could include:  1) Engineered total joint replacement (TJR) for knee, hip, and shoulder, and spine; 2) The impact of obesity on movement mechanics in the native and implanted joint; 3) Inertial measurement unit (IMU)-based motion measurement and machine learning for wearable devices; 4) Design and additive manufacturing of personalized implants; 5) Detection of and monitoring of concussion in athletics; and 6) Movement and pain assessment for post-operative TJR rehabilitation.  We actively seek qualified engineers and scientists to participate in all aspects of this research, including proposal development, execution, and dissemination.


This is an opportunity to work with an outstanding team of talented engineers, scientists, and clinicians conducting impactful applied biomechanics research with state-of-the-art measurements, modeling, and clinical studies in collaboration with distinguished orthopaedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, and physical therapists.


Key capabilities include medical image reconstruction, neuromusculoskeletal modeling, finite element analysis, and probabilistic modeling. The Human Dynamics Laboratory includes a motion capture system, custom floor with embedded force platforms, a telemetered surface EMG system, an isokinetic dynamometer, and a custom high-speed radiography system (HSSR). The experimental biomechanics and retrieval laboratories includes an AMTI VIVO 6 DOF joint simulator for evaluation of joint mechanics.  Other facilities include a High-Performance Computing cluster, materials characterization resources, and a foosball table.


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